About the website

Hello and welcome to CraftyGeek. This website was created for all ages in mind. Our focus, for now, is to add more products and more interesting content. So please don't be turned away if there is nothing here that interests you, send us an email with your interests or what you think would look great! Sign up to our site and add us on social media, CraftyGeek can only grow with you and your friends/family's help! I am a stay at home mum and have always dreamed of having my own business and this is me putting myself out there and giving it my best shot. I am helping some retired folk by selling their hand made products so they can make some extra money so please browse around and if you are generous then donate back into the site! Every cent helps. Thank you so much for just being here and reading this. This site will be VERY active and will change and be updated constantly so please don't give up on us! So enjoy the online shop, the photography and read something interesting on our blogs page!

Have a wonderful day!

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