Instagram and Facebook Removing Total Like Counts

Every day, Social Media Today works with contributors from around the world to bring you the latest social media and digital marketing insights. Instagram is currently testing the removal of total Like counts from posts for users in certain regions, and Facebook has this week confirmed that it will also begin testing the same, starting with the removal of total post Like counts in Australia. Users in the experiment will still have the option to Like a post, but the cumulative figure will not be displayed, replaced with an 'and others...' note, indicating that more people have Liked the post.

I'm not really sure how I feel about this... I mean, what's even the point of having likes if they aren't going to show the total. Either have them, or don't have them. Does this meant they will turn off comments too? Either have likes and comments turned off completely unless you have followed (and been followed back) the person. What are your thoughts?

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